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New to the forums? Please! Say hello here!
Important news and updates, including rule changes, plot events, activity checks and forum changes, will be posted here by staff members.
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The forum rules and the FAQs threads are located here. Please read all of these threads before creating a character and posting in the RPG.
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The galaxy is a large place and rife with adventure, history, and danger. Here is where one can locate the history and key events that have helped shape the galaxy into what it is today, as well as information regarding the various factions of the galaxy. It also provides helpful information regarding the ever present dangers in the Heartless and Nobodies.
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This board is for the united front of administration members to communicate about issues and upcoming events on the forum. Staff members, check this board often!


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Apply for your characters here!
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Here is where your characters will be located once they are accepted. Over time though, your characters' alignments may change. If this happens, please notify the staff so that we may properly change the alignments.
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This is a place to keep track of your characters' adventures as well as their relationships with various other characters on the board.
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Ever wanted to rule your own world or do you think there's a world that we should include? Use the application here to create a world.


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Everyone's got to train right? So you can apply for new abilities or improve upon old abilities here!
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If you want to wield a Keyblade, you must audition for it in a post detailing how your character would perform in a Keyblade Awakening
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Are you looking for a job? Perhaps you're looking to create a job for someone else? Or maybe you'd like to join one of our plot jobs? If that's the case this is the place for you.


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So! You're itching to get a plot going right? Post up your idea and see who all wants in?
The galaxy is a rather large place. Sometimes plots can encompass not just one world but multiple worlds. If you want to get the whole site involved, please post the premise here and allow fellow members to help build your plot to its fullest potential.
Sometimes one needs to develop their characters without necessarily being involved in the overall plot. Whether a private self reflection or a conversation among teammates. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL RECEIVE NO GIL FOR RPING HERE.


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Worlds that see a lot of commerce whether from trade, invasion, or even just tourism in general.
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Worlds located in the inner most regions of space. While these worlds are safer than others, do not be fooled in thinking there is no danger.
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Worlds that have been exposed to the darkness yet have not quite fallen to the darkness. The worlds found here are a tad more dangerous than those found closer to the core region
Worlds that have been exposed greatly to the darkness. Journeying to these worlds without proper preparation is foolish and will result in an early demise.
The Unknown Regions are rife with danger as no one knows what has happened beyond the known regions. Traveling here is not advised unless absolutely prepared.


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Feel like showing off your graphics that you've made? Please do so here!
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Sometimes we all need a big break from the seriousness of plotting out epic threads. As such we have this board to allow you to create fun little games to play with other members if they so desire.
Got any stories to share with us? Go for it here!


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Looking to rummage through some of the fine characters who've left our site? You're more than welcome to view them all, conveniently stored here.
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For the characters lost to the ages, their memoirs are the only things that remind us that they even existed...
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When a thread is fully completed, it will be moved to this section, to allow members to peruse former stories written by you, by themselves, and others.
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Here you can peruse unfinished threads, and see things that could have been...

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